Indigent Health Care Services

Mission Statement

  • Chaves County IHC will become the bridge between the low-income working class people who otherwise cannot afford medical insurance and the contracted Medical Providers.  IHC will assist in the financial reimbursement to providers for up to the limits allowed for qualified medical services that were rendered to eligible Chaves County Residents.

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Can I apply if I don’t have a bill?

No, you must have a bill current bill not more than ninety (90) days old from one of our contracted providers in order to apply.  You may ask the provider if they are contracted with Chaves County as an Indigent healthcare provider or call our office to find out if the provider you had services with is contracted with us. 

Is there a time limit for applying?

Yes, the provider will have ninety (90) days from the date services were rendered to submit your application. The sooner you complete your application and have all the necessary documentation attached with it to the provider, the sooner they can submit your application to us for payment.        

Must I complete a different application if a different household member has a medical bill?

No, the original application is for all household members, but the patient will be required to sign a supplemental form for the release of information if that person is over the age of eighteen (18). If that person is new to the household and was not included on the original application, you will be required to fill out an addendum at the provider’s office adding the individual to your application.  They will be required to provide their Income Tax Forms and proof of income which means it will change your level of income and your household could chance becoming over income and lose eligibility.            

Will my medical bills be paid in full? Does it cover Medicare and Insurance balances?               

No, your medical bill for out-patient services will be covered at 50% of the eligible charges and in-patient bills will be covered at the Medicaid fee-for-service rate. La Casa Health Care and Carabelli Dental are paid at 65% of the eligible charges. Provider is required to write off the balance after payment is received from Chaves County. Services received fifty (50) miles outside the Chaves County area limit can be paid up to 60%. (This is for services that can be rendered from Chaves County Providers but for some reason are provided elsewhere.) Note: There are individual limits per type of service.  The balance after Medicare is also covered at the 50% rate.

What is my responsibility?

Participants are responsible for notifying each eligible provider whenever medical treatment has been provided.  Please remember THIS MUST BE DONE WITHIN 90 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF TREATMENT. We will not be able to assist you with bills that are over the 90 day limit; therefore it is your responsibility to make payment arrangements for these services.

Are there any exclusions?

IHC will not provide coverage for the following:

1.          Elective surgery or treatment. These types of services are not medically necessary for the wellbeing of the patient. Example: Tubaligation, Vasectomy, Fertility aid, Cosmetic procedures etc.

2.          Nursing Home Care.

3.          Routine physician charges (outside those of the contracted primary care provider.) Radiology readings, laboratory services outside the hospital setting unless these were provided due to an emergency life threatening or disabling situation. Any durable medical supplies are not covered. Anesthesiologist and Chiropractic services are not covered.

4.           Root canals

Note:    IHC has contracted providers that can render services. Call (575) 624-6535, (575) 624-6545, or (575) 624-6547 to find out if a physician you are planning to have services with is a participating provider.