Community Service

Benefits of Community Service
The community service component of Court Services and Offender Supervision provides Court Compliance officers with an opportunity to ensure that the offenders they oversee are completing the community service hours sentenced by the Court, while providing a great public service to local nonprofit agencies and County government programs.

Placement Process

All DWI and Misdemeanor probation clients are referred to the Community Service compliance officer. This officer interviews the client and determines the most suitable placement for him or her to perform community service.

Types of Community Service

Clients meet the officer each morning and are transported to the location where they will work for the day. You may see these clients along our streets and highways picking up trash or raking leaves. Their manpower has allowed the County to participate in a tire recycling project, sending several thousand “dumped” tires to be recycled.

Need Workers?

Community service workers are available for any nonprofit agency or government program. If your nonprofit agency needs manpower, please contact Officer Vega at 575-624-6584.